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PrEsentation of the auctionhouse

The purchaser the highest and last bidder will be required to pay cash and submit their name and address.
He must pay in addition to the bid amount: 23.92% Tax Rates volunteers including books that carry a 5.50% VAT.

In case of payment by check by the contractor, the transfer of ownership of the object will occur after the check has cleared. The purchaser the highest and last bidder will be required to pay cash and submit their name and address. According to the law, the information given in the catalog undertake the responsibility of the Auctioneer and Expert, given the corrections at the time of presentation of the item and noted in the minutes of the sale.

If payment is by cash or check, the object can be put into auction immediately or at the earliest opportunity on crazy.

Once the hammer falls, the auctioned items are under the sole responsibility of purchasers, shopping object does not engage the responsibility of the Auctioneer.

The delivery lead is considered a protective measure not involving depreciation.

Dimensions are for reference only. The windows are sold as is, without complaint. The feasts are not always shown in the extent that they can intervene when handling.

Telephone bidding: If you wish to bid by phone, you should make a written request accompanied by a statement of bank account no later than four days before the sale.

The auctioneers and experts is responsible for carrying out free purchase orders entrusted to them, especially for those who can not attend the sale. Purchase orders are easy for clients, the auctioneer is not responsible for failing to execute an order by mistake or for any other reason.

The order of the catalog will be followed, however the Auctioneer reserves the right to combine or divide lots. Dimensions are for reference only. No claims will be possible for the usual restorations, small accidents, exposure that allowed an examination of objects presented.

Vincent de Muizon & Olivier Rieunier
Société de ventes volontaires aux enchères publiques Agrément n°2002-293